Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Community Service Sewing Day

Our Community Service Sewing Day is this Sunday, March 29, from 2:00-5:00. We will meet at Stitched with Love. We will have machines available or you can bring yours along. Come and have a fun afternoon sewing with friends and giving back to the community!  Questions?  Email Sarah at

Monday, March 16, 2015

Member Spotlight: Lori Hartman

Meet Lori Hartman, one of our talented McKinney Modern Quilt Guild members!

Lori Hartman 
Lori describes herself as a transplant from Central Illinois, and am now lives in Sherman, TX. Both she and her husband, Anthony, and say that they came to Texas as soon as they could; they love living here! She has been an elementary music teacher for nine years and loves her job: singing, dancing and playing games! After work, she goes home to a wonderful husband and her 11 month old son.

We asked Lori to share with us some of her favorite things about quilting and how she got started. Look at her smile - she's truly a fun person to talk with and know! 

Tell us how you got started quilting:
Sew Together bag made by Lori (a Sew Demented pattern)
When we moved to Texas, Anthony was coaching, which meant I spent a lot of time alone. So I was looking for something to occupy my time and keep me busy.

 When I was at work one day, one of the wonderful ladies that I work with brought a quilt that she had just finished to show me. I thought it was pretty cool and decided to look into the whole “quilting thing”. It couldn't be that hard, right?! These thoughts were coming from a girl who couldn't even sew a button on a shirt!

In December of 2010, I did some research online. I figured out what supplies I would need to get started and then called my mom asked her if I could borrow her sewing machine when they came to visit over Christmas break. Of course she obliged and I started my first quilt right after Christmas and had it finished by the beginning of January 2011. It was a simple patchwork quilt with the most garish colors one could ever imagine!!! I like to think that my color sense has gotten better since then.
After I finished my first quilt, I was hooked. Not long after that, I found the online modern sewing community and discovered the quilting shops in McKinney. I learned everything from what I could find online. With every new project that I started, I had goal to learn at least one new thing. Now 4 years later, my passion for quilting/sewing has grown into something I could have never imagined.

Steampunk made by Lori (a Jen Kingwell pattern)
I have huge hopes and dreams for what the future holds and it all started from the amazing woman that I worked with. It only takes one person to inspire, and I hope that someday I can repay the favor to another “future quilter”!

What is your favorite thing about quilting?
I love the quilting community!  I have had the chance to meet some incredible ladies in the past 4 years.  I love how generous the community is and how they ban together to help each other out during rough patches.  For the first time, I feel like I have found “my people”.

Do you like to have multiple projects going at once or do you usually finish one before starting another?
I am a list maker and it makes my heart happy when I can check things off my list. So, I usually plan projects on a monthly basis. I will gather my materials and spend a couple of days prepping all of the projects (ironing fabric, cutting fabric, making sure I understand the pattern). Then I will tackle sewing one project at a time. When one is finished I start sewing the next one until all of my items are checked off my list!

What is your current quilting obsession?
Anything Anna Maria Horner, Cotton and Steel, or Carolyn Friedlander!!!!  They are definitely my top 3 favorite fabric designers.  If I ever won the lottery, I would purchase bolts of their fabrics

What sewing/quilting tool could you not live without?I could not live without “The Binding Tool”. I despise joining the tails of my binding together. But since I have started using “The Binding Tool”, it comes out perfectly every time!

Lori's recently published pattern in Make Modern Magazine
Is there a technique on your list to learn this year?
 I am always trying to learn new things. This year is dedicated to learning more about the design software that I have and also to branch out with free motion quilting.

What's your least favorite part of the quilting process?
My least favorite part is basting!!!!  I hate basting!

What else do you enjoy doing outside of quilting? 
Music is something that Anthony (husband) and I both have in common.  Anthony is a percussionist, guitarist, and vocalist and I play the piano and sing.  We have used these abilities to lead worship together.  I cherish the idea that we have something that we can do together.   We can't wait to get our little guy his own guitar so he can join in the fun as well!

What projects are you currently working on?
My projects that I have planned for the month of March are:
1. Cotton and Steel mini quilt for the Cotton and Steel Mini Swap
2. Laundry bag (using Jeni Baker’s Lined Drawstring Bag pattern)
3. Pincushion (using a Jeliquilts pattern)
4. Mug Rug 
5. Two secret projects that can’t be named
6. A Caravan Tote

You may want to follow Lori's blog- Lori Hartman Designs or check out recent pictures from her on instagram!  

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