Tuesday, October 6, 2020

December 2020 Block Lotto!

It's time for our last block lotto of 2020! Keep in mind that these will need to be dropped off at Catherine's house (email her for an address) before 5pm on our December meeting date.

For our lotto, we will be making super cute GNOME blocks!! Here's a free pattern from Sew Can She.

You can make the gnome with a white or off-white background. It should read as a solid- tone on tone is fine, but it shouldn't be a low-volume

The gnome base and hat can be red or aqua- you can swap too. We will only be swapping gnomes- not the trees. 

I think these are going to be SO cute! Can't wait to see what you all make!


Pinterest Party 2020!

 Pinterest Party Resources


Presenters for the Pinterest Party have submitted the following information and resources to help you replicate these amazing items!


Sterrett Coleman: No Fear Monrovian Star



Brandy Alvarez – Charming Baby Bibs

For this project you will need 

(16) 2.5" x 2.5" squares

(1) 10" X 10" square of terrycloth (you'll trim this down)

(1) 45" strip of double folded bias tape (or you can make your own own)

a small saucer to use as a template for curves


  Directions will be shared during the tutorial. 


Sharon Krenek – One for Gnome and gnome for all!


Wine Bottle Topper Gnome




Sock Gnome Decoration





Katy McClaskey - Origami Kusudama Flower


—5 pieces of paper cut into squares 4-6 inches.  

Can be from a magazine, wrapping paper, scrapbook paper, old statistics text book, etc.  My flowers were from a magazine.  

—Glue stick, white school glue, or craft glue. 

—optional:  binding clips, floral wire. 


Here’s the video tutorial.  


Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Quiltcon 2021 Community Outreach Challenge

This year the national guild has challenged all individual guilds to create a 65” x 85” quilt (twin-sized) by creating curves and using a specific palette of oranges and blues.  (There was also white, but we decided not to include that.)  

So, the plan is to create the following blocks to be put together either in a pattern like this below with an improv border or in some way as yet to be determined.  I have this idea, but if someone or a group of people is inspired and wants to play with the blocks and colors that would be fun too.  That is what improv is for!  And we really want as many people as possible to participate and give this a try.   We do need all the blocks back no later than the October meeting in order to work on that next phase.

The blocks are as follows:

Very Dark Blue and Medium Blue unfinished at 10 ½ by 6 ½ 

Medium Blue and Light Blue unfinished at 5 ½ by 3 ½

Dark Orange and Light Orange unfinished at 3 ½ by 2 ½

First, take two same-sized pieces together from the packet and lay one directly on top of the other with the longest length running top to bottom.

Cut a freestyle gentle curve from bottom to top using a rotary cutter.

Match up the opposite colored halves.

Flip one cut piece (half) over on top of the other.  The seams will not look like they are matching up.  But as you start to sew them together using a ¼ inch seam, just go slowly and gently pull the fabrics together so that they are aligned.  

Once you finish sewing the seam, flip the block over and on the backside carefully make small snips towards the back seam without actually cutting into that seam at about ¾ of an inch apart.  This will help make the block flat when pressing.

The idea for doing this block was inspired by learning to create a curves block that Debbie Jeske offered in her workshop here a few years ago.  Her fabric pieces were overlapping to create one block.  By layering the fabrics directly here, you can create two.

Ellyn and I will both have a space on our porches with packets and a sign-up sheet so that you can stop by in Allen or McKinney at your convenience to pick them up.  Also we are both readily available to drop a packet at your house if you need that.  Each packet will have 1 each of the large block colors, 2 each of the medium, and 3 each of the small.  So you will end up with 12 blocks from one packet.  

And that’s it!  Hope you have fun with it, and please email Ellyn and me at ellynzins@gmail.com and chrisbakerdavies@yahoo.com and I can answer any questions and will let you know where to pick up the blocks.

Chris Davies, Community Service Chair

Tuesday, June 2, 2020

MCKMQG June Challenges

Hi all,

I'm super excited about our online meeting tonight! I'm sure it's going to be awesome. I have enjoyed playing the Quilty Quarantine Quest with you all this past month. It's been so fun to see your posts and really feel connected to our guild. If you haven't looked through the guild group on Facebook or on the #mckmqgq3 hashtag on Instagram, you should! It's full of lots of fun member projects and ideas.

June brings us to some fun times. We have three big things happening in June: Color of the Year Challenge, Rowing Along, and a new Block Lotto block!

Color of the Year Challenge
You might remember that when we last met in March, you were given two swatch samples for the color of the year challenge and encouraged to buy 1 yard of fabric. Well, let's do something with it! Here are the rules:
1. Make anything quilty/fabric related. It can be a quilt, a mini, a bag, a basket...gosh, we could go on! Make something.
2. You can add colors but one or both of the Colors of the Year should be the predominant color in the project. You can also use darker or lighter versions of the colors.
3. We hope we will be able to display these at the McKinney Public Library again. We will try to display everything, but keep in mind the display space is limited, so if you want a full mini to be displayed, it'll need to be around 12-14 inches. If you do a full quilt, we'll fold, drape, and get creative. We will find a way to honor all the work that's created and display as much as we can.
4. Color of the Year Challenge items will be due at our August meeting.

Colors this year:

Rowing Along
Several of you signed up for Rowing Along and we're not going to keep waiting for the world to return to normal to begin....so let's get rowing! Here are the details:
1. In the next few days you'll receive an email/text from me confirming you want to still participate. Please respond.
2. Once I have confirmed all participants, you will receive a "give to" partner and a "receive from" partner. Each month, you will give the row you have (the first month will be yours) to your "give to" partner. You can do a porch drop off, mail it, etc.  You will "receive from" the receive from partner. It will be the same partner each month, so you'll always give to the same person and receive from the same person. I think this will make it easier to minimize contact and to help us keep going.
3. You will drop off month 1 between June 15 and June 20.

Here are the full guidelines for Rowing Along along with the form to include in your bag.

Block Lotto
Let's do another block lotto! Right now, we will hold on to them with hopes of meeting in person again.
This month's block lotto is: Improv Cross
Guidelines: Use one black, or vibrant solid (either background or cross) and one bright print. This is similar to what you see on the tutorial.
We will use the Improv Cross tutorial provided on the Stitched in Color Blog
We seemed to enjoy multiple size blocks. You can do a block that's 6 1/2", 9 1/2", 12 1/2" or 18 1/2" (finished sizes 6, 9, 12, 18).

Thursday, April 23, 2020

Introducing: Quilty Quarantine Quest

Let's do something fun! For the next five weeks, we challenge you to do quilty things each week. Anyone completing even ONE quest a week will be eligible to win prizes (and we've got some GREAT prizes from our local shops!). 

You'll need to sign up to tell us you're participating. If you sign up by Sunday evening, you'll get 50 bonus points during week 1 only! 

You can download the directions and quest choices or view them here on the blog (the download is easier to see!).