Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Valentine's Swap

We will be having a fabric postcard exchange for Valentine’s Day and show off the Valentines at our March meeting. To ensure the health and safety of members, the meeting will occur via Zoom so the swap will occur prior to the meeting. 

Valentine Preparation:
Prepare a handmade Valentine fabric postcard no bigger than 4”x6”. Package the postcard in an envelope or paper bag for protection during swapping. Do not include extras- just the postcard should be included. For inspiration and techniques, check out these links! 

Fabric Postcard Tutorial by Saroy. She recently made 100 fabric postcards!   

Please include your name in the envelope/bag so that the recipient will know who made the Valentine! 

Valentine Swapping
Place the bag/envelope with your postcard on the porch by 9 am on Saturday, February 13. Swap fairies will text you when they have swapped out the bags. If you live remotely or don't feel you have a secure spot to leave the envelope/bag, please indicate in the comments section below. Swap fairies will contact you prior and make special arrangements.

I live far away. Can I participate?
It depends on how far. England...sorry we can't budget that much travel money. Within 1.5 hours of McKinney? Sure! We would love for you to participate if you're a member of the guild!

I'm not a member. Can I participate?
We encourage you to join the guild! If you're in the McKinney/Plano/Allen area, please feel free to join the swap. If you live further out, we can check to see if there's a fairy who is heading your direction. 

What if I sign up and don't finish my Valentine?
Please let us know asap! You'll get an email on Friday, February 12 reminding you to put out your Valentine. If you cannot put it out, please reply and let us know.