Monday, June 1, 2015

May 2015 Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes of the meeting of 5th of May 2015

The meeting was called to order by President Sarah Huechteman on time.

28 members and 3 guests were in attendance.

Committee Reports
Sherry Martinez resigned as Membership VP and Martha Wolf has been appointed.

Welcomed and performed introductions of guests.  Advised that last month’s minutes have been posted on the blog.

Treasury report was not given as Chris was not in attendance.

Stephanie discussed charity blocks that were collected. Goal of 15 charity quilts for the year.  Charity quilt kits were made and offered up for people to take home to complete.  Charity sew day was March 29th here at Stitched with Love from 1 pm to 5 pm.  Christy won the charity drawing. Quilt tops were made at the sew day and looking for volunteers to machine quilt them.  If you bring back a quilted quilt, you get a prize.  You do not have to bind.  Quilt kits are also available if you want to piece tops.  If you have completed quilts you want to donate, we will accept those as well. 

New Business
Catherine is running the bi-monthly member spot light.  If you want to be spotlighted, go to People will be randomly selected and spot lighted twice a month.

Discussed the new bee blocks.  Explained what a bee is.  We currently have three bees occurring right now, but some bees have lost and added people.  Bee groups will be redistributed soon, to consolidate to 2 bee groups unless we get enough new people.  See Ellyn or Sarah if you are interested in joining a bee.

Extra guild T-Shirts are available.  See Sarah if you want a T-Shirt.

Polka dot fat quarters were collected. Three drawings occurred. Cathy, Elizabeth, and Lynn won. Each month we will have a theme for fat quarters.  Anyone who wants to participate in the fat quarter lotto brings a fat quarter for the lot and receives a ticket.  Drawings are held to win the lot of fat quarters.  Next month’s theme is Text Prints.

Gallon size bags of scraps were collected to make pillow covers.  Any scraps not used, please return back with the pillow cover.  Bring the finished pillow cover to next month’s meeting.  No extras needed.  16 x 16 inch finished pillow form.

Available retreat dates are June 11-14 and Sept 17-20 at Sunset Retreat in Sunset, Texas, north of Decatur.    If we can get 20-22 folks to participate, then no other people will book. 3 nights, includes dinner on Thursday, lunch and dinner on Friday and Saturday, and brunch on sun.  Continental breakfast Friday thru Sunday.  $225 for all 4 days.  $175 for Friday thru Sunday.  4 beds to a room.  Sewing room is the same size as the shop here (Stitched with Love).  There is a small quilt shop area in the retreat building in case something is forgotten.   There is also a massage therapist available to book.  Contact Lisa Hauth to make a reservation and arrange payment.  Watch email, Facebook, and blog for more information.  If you have a form, mail it directly to the retreat with your payment.  Make sure you put your dietary restrictions on your form.

Micheal Miller fabric challenge coming up from national MQG.  May 9th, you will get an email from the challenge.  The challenge will be due Nov 30th. Watch the QuiltCon site.

Half Square Triangle presentation from Sarah occurred.

Show and tell occurred.

Door Prize drawings occurred.

Birthday certificates were handed out.

Pay your dues. $50 cash or check.

Next Meeting at 6:30 on June 2nd.

Meeting was adjourned timely.

Things to bring to June’s Meeting:
·      Any fabric to be donated to community service
·      Community Service blocks. 
·      Quilted community service quilt
·      Bee Blocks
·      Texty Fat quarter(s) for the lottery
·      Your finished pillow cover
·      2015 dues ($50, cash or check accepted only)

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