Saturday, June 29, 2013

Are you ready for the July meeting?

Hello ladies!  The July meeting is just a few days away!  Hopefully your fabric baskets are coming together as you have planned them!  I was able to see what Bettepat is working on and it's looking amazing.  I can't wait to see what you all bring to the meeting.  Remember, if you are unable to make the meeting, please make arrangements so that your fabric basket is present at the meeting!

Here's a quick outline of the agenda for Tuesday!

1.    Committee Reports
a.    Presentation of Minutes
b.    Treasurer
2.    New Business
a.    Community Service Opportunity – Julie Laidlaw
b.    Present our Fabric Basket
c.    Upcoming Low Volume Charm Swap
d.    Program Presentation: Blogging
e.    Name that Fabric Line and Designer Game
f.      Monthly Tool/Notion Demo
g.    Show and Tell
h.    Door Prize
i.      Next Meeting Date August 6th @6:30pm

You will notice that we have a game planned! You might want to brush up on current and upcoming modern fabric lines! There might be a small prize for the winner. I would suggest looking at fabric lines by designers like Anna Maria Horner, Aneela Hoey, Heather Ross, and Lotta Jansdotter just to name a few!

I can't wait to see everyone at the meeting on Tuesday, July 2nd. For those of you who are traveling over the holiday please travel safely and we will see you in August!

Just to recap .... if you are coming to our meeting you need to bring:
1. Your completed fabric basket for your partner.
2. Your modern fabric line knowledge!
3. Show and Tell!!!!!