Thursday, April 17, 2014

April Meeting Minutes

 The meeting was called to order by President Sarah Huechteman on time.  20 Members were present and there was 1 guest.

Committee Reports were called.  It was announced that minutes are not posted as of yet to the website.  Lori was induced and had her baby the previous day.  Sherry M.  delivered the Treasurer’s Report.

Sarah H presented a change to the by-laws.  A new executive position has been added which is the Vice President of Membership.  Rules and Regulations were updated to match what each role is already performing.  Current board includes:
    o   President
    o   Vice President of Communication
    o   Vice President of Events
    o   Vice President of Programming
    o   Vice President of Membership
    o   Treasurer
    o   Secretary

A motion was made on the floor to nominate Janet Plotkin of VP of Membership.  Motion was favored and Janet was elected as VP of Membership.

A motion was made on the floor to nominate Lisa Lake-Johnson as Secretary.  Motion was favored and Lisa was elected as Secretary.

Sarah presented all forms of Communication for our guild.  This includes the following:
    o   Facebook – it was requested that everyone “like” the page
    o   Blog - – All minutes, upcoming
            events and meetings, swaps, and general information will be updated on the
            blog and will be the general form of communication for announcements.
    o   Email – – Group messages may come
            from this email as mass communication.
    o   Instagram – the following hashtag will be used for pics posted relating to the
            guild in general: #McKMQG

Sarah discussed focus on community service and that we did not meet the goal of donating 10 quilts to Alberta’s Hope.  Sarah requested someone to volunteer as the Chair for community service.  No volunteers as of yet.

Ellyn presented the Michael Miller Challenge and invited all to sign up and receive a fat eighth bundle of fabric for the challenge. Due Date is June 3rd and must be a paid member to participate.  Only Michael Miller prints should be used with challenge fabric, however ANY solids may used.  Stitched With Love will have 4 of the 6 fabrics on hand to purchase.

Ellyn announced that May’s meeting activity will be a pin cushion swap.  Everyone is encourage to bring a pin cushion in a gift bag to swap next meeting.  Each participant will receive an extra door prize ticket.

Birthday certificate was distributed.

Trivia game was played led by Jessie L.

Show and Tell occurred.

Door prize raffle occurred and it was discussed that volunteers talk to Sarah about asking local quilt shops for door prizes.

Meeting was adjourned timely.

Things to bring to May’s Meeting:
    o   Pin cushion in a bag for swap
    o   Items for Show and Tell

Items, Blogs, and other interesting items mentioned:
    o   Quick Curve Ruler
    o   Sew Together Bag – Sew Demented – QuiltBarn Walkthrough
    o   Craftsy – Free Patterns

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