Thursday, October 16, 2014

Who's Ready for a Challenge or Two??

For those members that attended our meeting last week, you heard about the two opportunities for Challenges that we presented.  It was a lot of information to take in that night, so I wanted to post it here so you know all of the details.  And for those members that couldn't attend the meeting, an opportunity to participate too!

T-Shirt Design Challenge
In an effort to help "advertise" our guild to others, members have requested a t-shirt with the guild info on it.  We will be doing a screen printed t-shirt with one or two colors for the print.  We will also choose a V-neck shirt in a bright color (turquoise, lime green, etc).  Your challenge is to submit a design that you would like to see on the shirt - front or back.  It can include our logo or not.  Another idea was to have our hashtag #mckmqg on it it too.  Designs should be submitted to Sarah Huechteman at  More than one design can be submitted by any member.  An anonymous vote will be taken by the membership at the November 4 meeting.  So get your creative juices flowing!  Questions??  Email Sarah :)

Mini Quilt Challenge
The QuiltCon organizers have requested that all Texas Modern Quilt Guilds participate in an information booth to give people attending QuiltCon information about a Texas guild that is in their area.  We will be submitting an informational flyer to them to hand out.  They would also like each of the Texas guild's to submit a mini quilt that will be given away to a lucky winner.  Attendees will be given a ticket to put in a drawing for one of the seven quilts that will be on display.

So...the challenge to you is this...make a mini quilt that is 18" x 24" and uses the QuiltCon Challenge Colors.  An anonymous vote will be taken by the membership at the December 2 meeting.  You must use the colors that are listed may choose to use all or just a few.  Keep in mind the things that help identify modern quilts - high contrast, improvisational piecing, minimalism, negative space and alternate gridwork. 

Below are the solid colors that should be used.  We have listed three manufacturers and the fabric names.  Just an FYI...Stitched with Love has ordered the Bella Solids and have them already bundle in FQ's for you!  

So, it's up to you.  Get our your design tools and get to sewing!  Can't wait to see what you create!
Any questions, contact Sarah at

Friday, October 3, 2014

let's swap baskets!

Last summer, many of us participated in a basket swap which was tons of fun!

I received these awesome silverware baskets (which are put to good use often. They even came along on the retreat last weekend!)
And gave these nesting baskets....
Everyone enjoyed the swap so much, we thought we'd do it again! The coolest part of the swap is that your partner makes you a basket using your favorite scraps. This way you get something in colors and prints that you love.

At our next meeting, this coming Tuesday evening, please bring a gallon ziploc bag filled with scraps that you would like made into a basket for you. You might want to include one larger piece (a fat quarter?) that your partner can use to line your basket. We will swap bags on Tuesday, then you will have a month to make a fun basket to give back to your partner at the November meeting.

Oh, one more thing.... it is customary (but not required) to fill the basket with goodies before you return it. Chocolate is always welcome, little sewing treats or other goodies as you wish. See you Tuesday!

Thursday, October 2, 2014

September Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes of the meeting of 9th of September 2014

The meeting was called to order by President Sarah Huechteman on time.
 3 Visitors and 22 members were in attendance.

Committee Reports
Welcomed and performed introductions of guests.  

Advised that last month’s minutes have been posted on the website. 

Treasury report will be posted on the blog soon. Treasury report was given by Sherrie. 

Community service and charity blocks were collected.  Advised group of the criteria of charity blocks. Blocks should finish at an even number.  

This upcoming Sunday will be charity quilt sewing day from 1 pm to 6 pm.  

Bring five blocks for charity and you will get a ticket to enter into a drawing.  Drawing occurred and Chris won.

New Business
Program:  Paint chip challenge was revealed.  Everybody showed what they made.

Name tag challenge reveal occurred.  Any new name tag brought in the future will earn an extra door prize ticket as well.

Next month’s challenge was presented by Ellyn:  Basket Swap:  Next month bring a gallon sized bag of scraps from your stash and scraps.  You will fill out a sheet of questions about what kind of basket you want and what you will use your basket for.  Then the scraps will be redistributed and a basket will be made for you using your scraps and brought in the following month.

Next month, Moda Bakeshop will do a presentation.

In November, there will be a demo night.  Looking for 4 – 6 items to demo and people to volunteer to demo small items for holidays or gifting.  If you volunteer, please have a handout typed up and ready for a reference guide.  If you want to volunteer, please email Jessie:  It will only be a 5 minute presentation.

December’s meeting will be a potluck and party.

Discussed bee and the blocks that were brought in.

Signups are available to start another bee group.

Fun sewing day for the guild. Sunday October 5 and December 7, 1 pm – 6 pm at stitched with love.  Sit and sew whatever you want and stay however long or short you want to stay.  Signup sheet available.

QuiltCon challenges were discussed.  You must sign up yourself on the website.  Panasonic Bias Tape Applique Challenge and Cotton Couture Challenge.

Birthday certificates were distributed.

Show and Tell occurred.

Door Prize raffle occurred.

Next Meeting at 6:30 on October 7th.

Meeting was adjourned timely.

Things to bring to September’s Meeting:
·      Gallon sized bag of scraps.
·      Any fabric to be donated to community service.
·      Community Service blocks.
   Items, Blogs, and other interesting items mentioned:
·      Patchwork Threads
·      Moda Bakeshop
·      Sew Together Bag
·      Craftsy
·      Celestial Star @fromblankpages
·      The Social Tote
·      Quick Curve Ruler
·      Schoolhouse Tunic
·      Washi Dress
·      Olive and Ollie
·      Pearl Soho
·      North Texas Fall Shop Hop