Monday, November 3, 2014

Meeting Minutes - October 7, 2014

Meeting Minutes of the meeting of 7th of October 2014

The meeting was called to order by President Sarah Huechteman on time.

 7 Visitors and 3 new members were in attendance.

Committee Reports
Welcomed and performed introductions of guests.  Advised that last month’s minutes have been posted on the website. Treasury report will be posted on the blog soon. Treasury report was given by Sherrie. Community service and charity blocks were collected.  Advised group of the criteria of charity blocks. Blocks should finish at an even number. Bring five blocks for charity and you will get a ticket to enter into a drawing.  Almost have 10 quilts ready to donate to Alberta’s Hope.

New Business
Program:  Jesse presented a Powerpoint Presentation on the Moda Bake Shop.  A trunk show of various items from the Bake Shop were shown.  Moda generously donated a charm pack for members of the guild.  If a member brings back a project that they have made from a tutorial on Moda Bake Shop using their charm pack, they will receive an extra door prize ticket.

Scrap Basket Swap was explained and those that are participating exchange their scraps.  You must bring your completed basket to the November meeting to reveal to your partner.  It is customary to include an extra “treat” with your item.  If you cannot attend the meeting, please drop off your basket prior to the meeting.

In November, there will be a demo night.  Still looking for volunteers to demo small items for holidays or gifting.  If you volunteer, please have a handout typed up and ready for a reference guide.  If you want to volunteer, please email Jessie:  It will only be a 5 minute presentation.

Discussed bee and the blocks that were brought in.  There has been interest in an additional Modern Bee Swap.  Sign up to join group #3.  Ellyn will get it set up.

T-Shirt Design Challenge was issued to all members.  We are looking to have a t-shirt for our members to purchase so that they may wear at QuiltCon or any other time.  They will be screen printed.  Designs should be emailed to Sarah at  You may enter more than one design.  Anonymous voting by the membership will take place at the November meeting.

QuiltCon Mini Quilt Challenge was issued to all members.  There will be a booth for all Texas Modern Quilt Guilds at QuiltCon.  Our guild has been asked to donate a mini quilt that will be given away to those attending the show.  Guidelines for the quilt are:  must be 18” x 24”; must be made from QuiltCon Challenge Colors (they will be listed on the blog); must include a 1 ½” hanging sleeve;  deadline is the Dec. 2 meeting.  An anonymous vote will be taken at the December meeting.

Ellyn reported that 8 members participated in the September 25 retreat at Creative Cottage.  Everyone had a great time and lots of projects were completed.

Sarah asked for 3 volunteers to form the nominating committee – must not be interested in holding an elected position.  Martha Wolf, Martha Fipps and Holly Canatelli volunteered.

Show and Tell occurred.

Birthday certificates were distributed.

Door Prize raffle occurred.

Our next meeting will be November 4.

December’s meeting will be a potluck and party with an ornament exchange.

Charity Sewing Day will be Sunday, November 2 from 1:00-6:00 @ SWL.

SewFest Sunday will be Sunday, December 7 from 1:00-6:00 @ SWL.

Meeting was adjourned timely.

Things to bring to November Meeting:
·      Completed Scrap Basket for your partner
·      Any fabric to be donated to community service
·      Community Service blocks. 

Items, Blogs, and other interesting items mentioned:
·      Patchwork Threads
·      Moda Bakeshop
·      Craftsy
·      Chalkboard labels @ Dollar Tree
·      QuiltCon

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