Friday, October 3, 2014

let's swap baskets!

Last summer, many of us participated in a basket swap which was tons of fun!

I received these awesome silverware baskets (which are put to good use often. They even came along on the retreat last weekend!)
And gave these nesting baskets....
Everyone enjoyed the swap so much, we thought we'd do it again! The coolest part of the swap is that your partner makes you a basket using your favorite scraps. This way you get something in colors and prints that you love.

At our next meeting, this coming Tuesday evening, please bring a gallon ziploc bag filled with scraps that you would like made into a basket for you. You might want to include one larger piece (a fat quarter?) that your partner can use to line your basket. We will swap bags on Tuesday, then you will have a month to make a fun basket to give back to your partner at the November meeting.

Oh, one more thing.... it is customary (but not required) to fill the basket with goodies before you return it. Chocolate is always welcome, little sewing treats or other goodies as you wish. See you Tuesday!

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